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Industrial Cordless Phone with Built-in Two-Way Radio - CLS1450cB

Digital Cordless Phone Features

  • Answer and make phone calls around the work place
  • Use with multi-line phone systems - pickup specific lines, transfer calls, etc.
  • Connect phone base to any analog extension port of the phone system
  • No monthly airtime charges
  • Industrial design, excellent range and durability

Analog Two-Way Radio Features

  • Talk to all workers at the press of a button
  • Get information and answers immediately
  • Improve customer service, productivity and teamwork
  • Manage workers and operations for greater efficiency
  • FCC Narrowband compliant
  • Analog 1 watt radio works with most UHF business radios including Motorola CLS, RDU, RMU, XU, AX, MU, GT
  • Weight - 7 oz., Dimensions - 5.3 " x 2.1" x 1.3"

Every radio includes:

  • Li-Ion battery, 1100 mAh, up to 12 hr operation
  • 3 hour desktop charger for handset (independent of phone base)
  • Phone base with power cord (plugs into analog extension port)
  • Plastic swivel holster with belt clip


Download > Industrial Cordless Phone with Built-in Two-Way Radio Brochure


CLS1450cB Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the CLS1450c?
A: It is a 1-watt UHF business two-way radio with built in digital cordless  phone. The UHF two-way radio portion can talk to any other UHF two-way radio set to the same frequency and code. The cordless phone comes with a base unit that plugs directly into the phone system, into an analog extension port.

Q: Can I use the CLS1450c with my existing business phone system?
A: Yes, it must connect to an analog extension port of the phone system. Other analog devices are fax machines and credit card swipes. If your phone system does not have available analog ports, it may require additional phone equipment and/or programming of your phone system. Your phone system vendor is the best source for this information.

Q: Will the 2.4 GHz digital phone interfere with other wireless devices?
A: No. This cordless phone uses frequency hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS) technology, hopping from frequency-to-frequency across the entire 2.4 GHz ISM band every 10 milliseconds. Built-in adaptive frequency hopping avoids interference from other technologies such as WLAN devices (802.11g/b) Wireless access points, network adapters, and barcode scanners.

Q: Can I use more than one CLS1450c handset with the cordless base unit?
A:  Yes, up to four handsets may share a cordless base unit. However, only one handset can be on a phone call at any one time. Consequently, most users do not share a single base unit with multiple handsets.

Q: Will the range difference between two-way radio and cordless phone functions?
A:  The FCC has specific frequencies for business two-way radio users that allow for higher power output and 3-4 times greater range than cordless phones. If the user is beyond cordless phone range, they can still communicate using the two-way radio. If the user wanders out of cordless phone range, they can return to their phone coverage area, to access a call.

Q: What can be done to maximize CLS1450c cordless range?
A:  Centrally locate the BASE unit as high as possible in the primary area where that user requires coverage. Maintain as much of a line-of-sight as possible. The handset has its own desktop charger, so the base unit does not need to be accessible for charging the handset.







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