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DTR550/410 Digital Business Two-Way Radio

Super High Performance Communication

No FCC License Required
*Not compatible with analog radios from CLP, CLS, RM, RDX, XTN or AX Series

Talk PRIVATELY to one person; or every worker at once!

  • Superior coverage similar to high power 4/5 watt analog models
  • Up to 45% longer operation on a single battery charge
  • Digital audio quality - loud and clear up to the edge of coverage
  • Operates on license free 900MHz. ISM frequencies (see User Guide for more info)
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum for enhanced security within wireless networks
  • LCD display shows workgroup and individual contacts while providing quick access
    to settings and battery status
  • Text Messaging - text other DTR radios using preloaded messages or customize your own
  • Cloning capable - Quickly copy settings from unit to unit (requires #53968 cloning cable)
  • Up to 150 individual or group contacts (DTR410=100, DTR550=150)
  • Meets Military Standards for high resistance to dust, moisture, shock, vibration

Every radio includes:

  • Li-Ion battery, 1200 mAh, up to 14.5 hr. operation
  • 3 hour desktop charger
  • Plastic swivel holster with quick release belt clip


Accessories can maximize your radios performance! Click here to view

Download the DTR550 User Guide > DTR550 User Guide

Download the DTR410 User Guide > DTR410 User Guide




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