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RDX Series Accessories

RLN6351 - RDX STANDARD CAPACITY Li-ION BATTERY Standard for 2 watt models, 1100 mAh, up to 12 hrs. RLN6308 - RDX ULTRA CAPACITY Li-ION BATTERY Standard for 4/5 watt models, 2400 mAh, up to 18 hrs. 26 hrs for 2 watt model. RLN6306 - RDX ALKALINE BATTERY FRAME Allows use of AA batteries for emergency power, up to 26 hrs.
RLN6304 - RDX RAPID CHARGER Charges standard 1100 mAh battery in 1.5 hours, Ultra Hi Capacity (2400 mAh) battery in 3.5 hours.
RLN6309 - RDX 6 UNIT CHARGER AND CLONER Charge 6 radios or batteries from a single outlet. Uses 75% less electricity than 6 individual chargers. Quickly copy settings from one radio to another. Provides central location for all radios.
MR8461-2AP - RDX Leather Swivel Holster Heavy duty leather holster protects two-way radio. The swivel makes kneeling/bending more comfortable, and quickly releases from the stainless steel belt clip.
RLN6307 - RDX Heavy Duty Belt Clip Belt clip fits belts up to 2.5 inches wide.
RLN6303 - RDX CLONING CABLE Quickly copy all settings from one radio to another. Connects to the desktop charging base of each radio.
HKKN4027 - USB CABLE FOR CUSTOM PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE  Connects between PC. Easily program and manage all radio settings. Free CPS software at
HMN9038 - Headset with Swivel Boom Mic Speaker can be worn on either ear, plastic band goes on top of head. Rugged and durable. Ideal for CLS1450c. RLN6423A - Swivel Earpiece with In-Line PTT Lightweight earpiece swivels to fit over either ear. In-line push-to-talk (PTT) activates microphone. 56517 - Earloop with In-Line PTT Mic Lightweight earloop fits over either ear. In-line push-to-talk (PTT) activates microphone.
53815 - Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone Speaker worn on left ear, wire band goes behind head. RMN5144 - TEMPLE HEADSET WITH MIC and PTT Lightweight headset converts audio into sound vibrations and transmits into the inner ear.  Push-to-talk button activates mic. 53866 - Earbud with In-Line Mic and PTT 2 wires, one for earbud and the other for mic with PTT. Discreet image, with a small earbud.
HMN9026 - Durable Remote Speaker Mic Talk and listen without lifting two-way radio. Clips on shirt or collar. 56518 - Earloop with Boom Mic Lightweight earloop fits over either ear. Small boom mic provides clear audio. Use walkie PTT to activate mic. 53863 - Earpiece with Mic Wear on either ear. Hangs over ear, secured by fitting earlobe in slot.

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